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Sunsets at Joshua Tree

During this Joshua Tree trip, I wanted to focus on two things - catching the sunset on film and not repeating my film mistake from my previous trip (aka yanking my film out and then opening my camera in broad daylight). Daylight was fading fast, and I had a few shots left for the Kodak Gold 200 roll I loaded earlier in the afternoon. Tino and I were still driving around trying to find the perfect scene. I didn't have much time, so when I found an area I liked, I jumped out of the car. before it fully stopped and ran down the road.

I'll let you in on a little secret. These shots did not come out the way I expected. I was hoping to capture more of the foreground to capture the layers on those purple mountain majesties. I think they still came out great, I really love the silhouette of the Joshua trees against the gradient of the sunset.

These shots below were taken as the sun dipped below the horizon, only a few minutes after the shots above.

I can't quite decide which gradient is my favorite, but luckily I really don't have to ☼



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