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LA Walks • The Farmer's Market

This place is one of my favorite spots in LA and it's been around since in 1934. I don't visit often but when I do, I could spend hours here. This is where I get some of my teas and spices, and there are so many dessert vendors that Tino doesn't mind tagging along. Noting it here so I can attempt to make it happen - l will take their Melting Pot Food Tour.

I don't quite remember when I took these pictures, I have a bad habit of not organizing my photos immediately. I know it was my New Year's resolution but lol, the year isn't fully over. I do remember after this roll, I felt myself fall into a creative slump. I honestly don't know if I'm fully out of it yet.

It started off as me just passively taking pictures to finish a roll. I just watched all my film pile up like my digital archives, and I just needed a reset. I'm glad I have this space to track my progress - whether it be growth or stagnancy. I have a few projects in mind that I'm very excited to attempt 👀



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