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& it was called Yellow

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you and all the things you do

This is how I'll remember your 20s - always on my couch studying for some test, napping, or bingeing your current Netflix obsession with a bowl of pasta. You've called it your own room, and my couch has never quite recovered from your visits. Of course, Mochi is never too far away. I have more shots of your naps, but I know those are far less appreciated hehe.

Photographs don't capture the valleys you walked through and the mountains I watched you climb in your past decade. I'm so proud of who are and that you're stepping into a new chapter more sure of yourself and unafraid of your future. Thank you for letting me hold your hand during our midnight sessions expressing vulnerabilities and hopes for this short life. I appreciate that you give love freely and you welcome me to take part in your victories. You are so loved.

Happiest birthday to my sakay o patay, my business partner, secret keeper & the reason this blog exists.



© A. del Castillo
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