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Berkeley 2018

Just a small # throwbackthursday to some shots I took while visiting my alma mater. I fell in love with Berkeley's campus the moment I stepped foot on it - dreary weather and all. A city housing a liberal university known for its history of political activism and academic advances. Coming from an agricultural city, Berkeley was another world. The diversity of students and professors opened doors and relationships that allowed me to learn different points of view on life, faith, and politics; even more, the culture itself challenged me to strengthen my own beliefs in my faith.

This particular trip was with my boyfriend, and as we explored, I wanted him to feel what Berkeley felt to me as a freshman transitioning into adulthood. I'd point to different places and objects, resorting to narrating events. It was hard to explain, it wasn't translating. That's the hard thing about revisiting memories - if you weren't there, you really can't know. I could only point out the tangible elements as representations of the intangible. Pointing to a bench or a classroom couldn't articulate how Berkeley had shaped my early adulthood with all the feelings and the pain associated with it.

Pictures are different. They're worth a thousand words right? The picture of the Campanile was my daily view as a student. It reminds me of my walks to class on an early morning - quiet, cold, the smell of rain with everything, and nothing on my mind. Just seeing it in black and white transports me back.

...but that could be just me ☺ hopefully the picture conveys something similar, if not - more practice *happy shrug*

On another note, colored pictures with a different editing style. I was trying to emulate the colors of Kodak Ektar film.


XC 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6



© A. del Castillo
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