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Always looking up

Aren't midyear check-ins wonderful? 2024 started with wonderful news, and it's just been getting better and better ˙ᵕ˙

The past few months have brought many feelings of peace and validation. I held some things close to my heart in previous years and decided not to speak on them. Unfortunately, it became a thorn in my side. Matthew 5:9 says blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God. There is a huge difference between keeping the peace and making peace. A peacekeeper avoids conflict to maintain peace. A peacemaker confronts the conflict and resolves it. I look back and regret being silenced for so long. Especially now, I find out that my opinions were shared by others who voluntarily expressed their own feelings and experiences.

What I will never regret is going out of my comfort zone to extend an olive branch (even if I was berated the whole time lol)

Through many prayers, the thorn has been removed from my side. Good riddance.

Things are looking up.

I feel the wind of change blowing. At the end of the year, I might be in a completely different mindset and place -

but I'm always looking up.



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