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B&W details

It's the small unnoticed details someone observes about you that can make you feel seen and special. That's what I love about black and white photos. They strip away any distraction with the intention of focusing on something you want to remember - a memory you want to last a little longer.

A goal this year is to try different black and white films. I want to note the details of each stock, the highlights, contrast, and how that affects the scenes I shoot. Super excited☺ These shots (and the ones from the previous blog entries) were shot on Ilford HP5 Plus rated at box speed. It's noted to be a high speed film with fine grain and medium contrast.

My lighting varied as a shot the roll - overcast (above) and brightly lit (below). I am surprised with it's range of tones since I am not an expert at nailing perfect exposure consistently. A favorite, but I've only shot this b&w stock in the past lol.

Below are snapshots of one of my favorite reading spots in Los Angeles. A perfect place to people watch. Hidden amongst industrial buildings, surrounded by thriving tropical plants. The best detail - they sell tacos.

Side note: Tino asked me to be his Valentine today hehe.



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