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Ventura Summer, Winter Reflections

Film snapshots of home. Taken at the 'height' of the pandemic, at least what we thought would be the peak.

I took these photos in March 2020. Quarantine measures were just beginning and not as strict, or at least people didn't take it seriously - which obviously shows in these snapshots. I got weird looks for wearing a mask at the beach, and we ended up staying only a few minutes. Just enough time to snap these pictures since everyone had varying definitions of 6-foot separation.

It's December as I write this and reflect. The cases are rising - worse than what they predicted it would be in March. More and more people I know test positive. Ironically, fewer people seem to care - even the ones affected with the virus. It's disheartening to see people disregard quarantine measures for ...personal gain? I don't even know or understand that mindset. It's made me look at people differently. It's been hard not to cast judgment when essential workers are doing the MOST for their communities, and the general public can't seem to understand the ramifications of their actions.

The human race as a whole is selfish and flawed. 2020 really brought out and highlighted all the nasty.

Praying 2021 sheds a different light. More forgiveness. More consciousness of others, and less of self.



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