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Social Reset

Social media took a toll on my psyche this year. My sister and I utilize social media as a platform for our small business. Inevitably we tend to be on it more than we like to engage customers and curate content. We come across supportive strangers from around the world, but we also encounter passive-aggressive actions that had us saying "hmmm" 🌚🌝. We also felt ourselves sinking into this rabbit hole of seeking engagement from followers to validate our art. These were all red flags that lead me to evaluate the extent of my social media fatigue.

Not gonna lie - passive aggression phases me a lot. I can't really help how someone responds to my activity online, but I do have power over how I respond to theirs. I'm also thankful that my sister can talk me out of my thoughts and vice versa. We've found that our intuition of someone's intent is pretty spot-on, so I've been more assertive in protecting my own peace online. I actively take longer breaks and I don't weed through my notifications to see who's paying attention anymore ✌️ Self-reminder: it's ok to take breaks and it's perfectly fine to place appropriate boundaries for yourself on the internet.

Moving Chronicles was a project I did a few months ago and shared on my photography Instagram to spark inspiration because I felt that I was in a creative slump. I challenged myself to find inspiration indoors rather than 'adventuring' out. My goal was to capture shadows during sunset - pleasantly surprised at how colorful it turned out to be!



© A. del Castillo
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