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Our Paper Year

We celebrated one year of marriage and Tino's birthday in the past two weeks. The traditional first-year gift is paper. Paper symbolizes how the early years of marriage are fragile yet withstanding. If you handle paper with love and care, that sheet will maintain its written words for a lifetime.

I never believed in soulmates until Tino asked me if he was mine ...and then we got into a very heated discussion lol. Another year to us and to you, my soulmate 😉

Some of my favorite things about Tino:

  1. Heart for God. Before we started dating, his own personal relationship was rooted. He served within his own ministries, and I wasn't the reason he attended church. This was an answered prayer and a blessing as we married.

  2. Heart of a servant. His service extends to my family and friends. Find him sweeping booths at a craft fair for me and all my small business ladies or setting up chairs at church. He cleans up Chungus' poop around the house☺

  3. He lets me pick where we eat and all I have to do is agree we get dessert at the end. He also eats everything and anything, so I can be adventurous with what I cook at home.

  4. The way he forgives is inspiring. I never see him hold ill feelings or bias over someone after an argument has been resolved. He's always the first to say hello to ease an awkward situation. It's something I am working on and I find SO challenging, but it looks effortless for him. I know it isn't easy, which makes it even more amazing to me.

  5. The best and my favorite ballroom dance partner. You should see how focused he gets doing body rolls hehe.



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