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Cabo 2021 • A Xerophyte Study

Last December, Tino was named a Top 100 employee in his company and was invited to the Founder's Club celebration in Cabo San Lucas. The resort was a beautiful illustration of the desert meeting the ocean. My morning walks easily became a study of the desert plants surrounding their campus.

I packed light for this trip, so I only brought two cameras (hehe), and a roll of Fuji 400h ...which might have expired - I can't remember. My goal for a while now is to be able to shoot film side by side with digital and have a cohesive portfolio. It's hard when I visit a new place because I want to see so much of everything I don't have time to pause and take a shot on two different camera mediums. So happy I got to slow down and try it on this trip.

I'll leave these here for you to guess which was shot on film versus digital ...enjoy the cacti, if you can't tell, I did ˙ᵕ˙

I've decided that I prefer changing my camera settings before shooting for my digital workflow and not editing in post-production. This does limit the type of film recipe I try out per outing, but so far, it's been a great experience because there's less tinkering and the shots I post are SOOC.

These were my favorite comparison of the bunch between Fuji 400h film & a Superia 400 film recipe (below). Fuji 400h delivers a punch of coolness, but I love Superia's warmth, which made it a great comparison recipe. Check out the blues in the shadows, mmm I love how the film captured that. I believe I rated Fuji 400h at 200. Most of the shots were taken midday with the sun right above me.

All in all, I think this is my favorite film & digital combo I've shot. I was originally hesitant to post because I misplaced where I saved my film files, and I wasn't too in love with my digital shots for a standalone post. Probably because of the sheer number of interior shots I got of the bathroom. So before I end this post, I need to share this bathroom. I loved this bathroom. I thought I was not too fond of showers outside, but this bathroom changed my mind. I wasn't a huge bath person before, but after eating churros in this tub every night, I AM NOW. Get it? Life changing. Ok, that's it. Bye!



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