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LA Walks • Arts District at Sunset

Film rolls always take me a while to finish. My first roll of Ultramax 400 was completed in Los Angeles, a few weeks after my San Francisco trip, so it was sitting in my camera for almost 2 months. A majority of it was shot in gloom or bright midday. I wanted to see how well it did during golden hour. To my surprise (not really), this set of shots is my favorite.

This set was shot at box speed as well, around 6 pm during winter. That sunset went QUICK. I love and prefer these pastel hues comparing them to my previous post with the bold building colors from SF. Would you believe that this was the first time I ever shot film at golden hour? I can see why it's considered the magic sweet spot for film photography. Ultramax looks so different; romantic even though I was shooting industrial buildings. The area I was in had huge windows, and they reflected the colors and golden sun beautifully. Even in the shade (shot below), there is a balance between the shadows and highlights.

Definitely sold on Ultramax at sunset. Summer is here - I'm hoping for more rolls of it and golden hour sunsets.

Quick tangent: I've had a love-hate relationship with Instagram lately. I created my Instagram in 2010, and I've seen all the trends come and go. Currently mourning how the app is slowly moving into video, but my shared square memories make me hesitate to delete it completely. In my search for another photo-sharing platform, I was fortunate enough to be invited to try Glass. I fell in love immediately with its UI and simplicity. The interactions with other photographers ranging from professionals to hobbyists like me have been amazing. It's been great to watch the community grow.

Posting on other platforms has also led me to rethink how I structure and what I post on @ad.venturing and my blog. My last recent rolls and digital shots have shown me I really do enjoy documentary-style photography, not just people-less architecture and landscape. I want my shots to tell a story, not just show off a view. I'm challenging myself to write more poems and haikus for my captions ...even if no one cares to read them. If this means deviating from my structured posts, it might be a mess until I figure it out. Honestly, if it sounds like I'm trying to convince myself it's ok, it's cuz I am lol.

Last year I wrote about being in a creative slump and being grateful I can reflect in this space. I'm writing this to say I'm slowly coming out of it feeling more freedom in what I shoot and choose to share. As always, thanks for being here ˙ᵕ˙



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