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The Comfort in Two

As summer gives way to fall and winter, I sigh in relief because the end of the year is my favorite. Along with the holidays, our families celebrate multiple birthdays and anniversaries within the -ber months. This past two months, in particular, we celebrated Tino turning 30 and our second year of marriage.

Cotton is the 2nd-anniversary gift. It's poetic because the longer you are married, the more your life becomes intertwined with your partner. Even though I am stubbornly independent, I know three strands are not easily broken. Cotton represents how marriage brings couples closer together; the material is flexible, symbolizing adaptability and a strengthening relationship. Oh, how true this was for year two, just learning more about each other. Ecclesiastes 4:12 will be something I hold close to my heart in this new year (and 2023) because we're stepping into trust as we transition to a one-income household to give Tino time to rest and re-evaluate his career plans.

This man stepped back into my life when I was at a crossroads. I prayed for someone and hesitantly asked for more than I thought I could be given. To see God's work in his life mirror my prayers gives me so much peace. Every time I look at Tino, I am reminded of how faithful He is to his promises.

To walk this life and have someone so selfless pray over me? I am so blessed to call this man my home.



© A. del Castillo
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