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LA Walks • The Getty

From May to June, Southern California embodied such a grey palette that it reminded everyone in LA how depressing May grey and June gloom can be. It was such a contrast to the sunshine on my trip to the Philippines; nevertheless, the flowers blooming around me brought a lot of colors to my photographs on my recent trip to the Getty.

I had visited the Getty many times when I lived in Ventura County and the Bay (always down to brave that awful traffic), but this was my first visit as a Los Angeles resident. It's funny how proximity doesn't always influence frequency. We arrived early enough to avoid the afternoon heat and took the last few spots in the morning garden tour. We should have skipped it to save the tour guide some grief. My two dads walked too fast for our group, never listening too long as the tour guide described a structural design feature or plant; their eyes were always set on the next thing. The blooms and succulents captured my two mom's attention, and we lingered too long admiring the flowers.

I had such a great time listening to my two dads go on about the clean lines of the architecture, the excellent use of rebar for their tree sculptures, and how they would implement their designs with their ideal garden space. I couldn't help but chuckle, watching my moms crouch low to get the best shot of the flowers before noting their names for future reference. I don't blame them. The Getty gardens are stunning. This shot below is also a favorite of mine because it looks straight out of my dreams of how I'd love my future garden to be laid out.

After my hiatus, I thought I'd have more to say, but that's all for now. My favorite shot? This one below. I followed these two like an obsessed bird nut.



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