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Cancun 2021

I am finally getting around to posting these pictures from last year. I was initially going to break it out into two posts, but this draft has been sitting for weeks - so here we are. I look back fondly on this vacation because it was our first international trip since quarantining. It's become an inside joke in my family, but when we say Cancun, its synonymous to a week of rest. It's my one of my favorite types of vacations we take - just a lot of tacos, golfing and sleep ˙ᵕ˙

We got a chance to visit Tulum on this trip. Tulum (wall in Mayan) was originally named Zama meaning sunrise, place of the dawning sun. So poetic for a city facing east, and being a major trading and religious center. The largest structure is the Castillo (castle) which was used as a temple and our guide pointed out the architectural influences from the Toltec civilization. It's amazing to see what has survived from this period considering most of our current infrastructure in California has been graded a C- since most are nearing their 40-year design life.

The clouds on this day were gorgeous. They hover so low, it's like you can almost touch them. Unfortunately, I didn't get any film shots when we visited Tulum. I had bought an Olympus Pen FT after dropping my first one for this trip but ended up returning it due to its consistent mechanical failures. It ruined two film rolls by not advancing properly. This was the camera before the one I bought for SF in case you're wondering lol.

The only roll that wasn't ruined was Lomography 800, which I wasn't too mad about. I was able to try it out in different lighting conditions throughout the trip. The colors and saturation of the shots I took in the afternoon with the bright sun at box speed are great. Perfect for the tropical vibe, the warmth and green remind me of Fuji C200.

My favorite shots have been the ones taken during sunset. The way Lomo captured the highlights in the clouds surprised me. I honestly regret not composing the shot (below) a little bit better, but I didn't think the clouds would come through. I would definitely use this stock again for more informal scenarios. I love the grain and prefer Lomo for the colors it renders for sunsets and indoor scenes.



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